Craft Earrings of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain with natural pearl/stone beads

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    These earrings are designed to mimic the traditional Chinese art of blue and white porcelain. Blue and white porcelain is a significant symbol of Chinese aesthetics, popular during the Yuan and Ming dynasties, and often presented as royal tributes, symbolizing royalty and nobility. These earrings feature hand-painted shrink plastic with typical lotus patterns found in traditional blue and white porcelain, adorned with pearls and stone beads.


    Unique Chinese blue and white porcelain earrings made of heat-shrink plastic material. Their design inspiration comes from the blue and white porcelain bottles of the Ming Dynasty in China, representing auspiciousness, nobility, and elegance. With resin added, the surface of these earrings is very bright and smooth. The design is small and delicate, and the shaking of the pearl adds a unique charm.

    Main Material: Shrink Plastic, UV resin, freshwater pearl/stone beads, 925 silver earring studs.
    Size: 30mm*12mm
    Work hours: Hand-making for 2 hours
    Style: Classic, Elegant, Traditional Chinese
    Bead options: White freshwater pearls or blue stone beads

    P.S., As this is a hand-drawn and handmade item, the patterns on each piece cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same. This is the charm of handmade items! Each pair of earrings is unique and we guarantee their quality with exquisite design and craft work.

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    White freshwater pearl, Blue stone bead

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