A view of West Vancouver

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    Original art, a landscape view of West Vancouver from Jericho beach. Oil and cold wax on paper, mounted on wood panel, 8 x 8 x 1″


    From the “Waterscapes” series, a body of work inspired by the West Coast landscapes.  A view of West Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C. All paintings by AfterTimesArt are one of a kind artworks. No prints or copies of my paintings exist.


    These pieces were inspired by the natural world around us and how it resonates with us on a personal level. My surroundings are the coastal mountains, Pacific ocean and the rain forests of the North West.


    Note: Cold wax and oil produce texture and luminosity that is difficult to capture by camera. The color and texture may vary slightly from the representation on the photos. Cold wax is best displayed without glass frame. I have used archival paper and archival adhesive to achieve permanency of color and texture. The piece is ready to hang as is.

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