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    Pamper yourself or gifting to your loved ones with the benefits of Nourishing, Awakening, Relaxing, Refreshing and Calming by our collection of SIGNATURE 5.

    Nourishing – Blossom Soap is supplemented with Shea Butter.

    Awakening – Coffee Soap is supplemented with Cocoa Butter.

    Relaxing – Grass Soap is supplemented with Avocado Oil.

    Refreshing – Ocean Soap is high in extra virgin olive oil. Good for all skin type and daily use.

    Calming – Wood Soap is supplemented with Almond Oil Sweet.



    BLOSSOM: Rich in Vitamin A, E and F. Helps to lock moisture in skin and keep it soft and hydrated. Its anti-inflammatory properties help repair itching, dry or irritated skins.

    COFFEE: High in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Deep hydration delays ageing, soothes dry and irritated skins. It also helps reduce inflammation and heals damaged skins.

    GRASS: In addition to hydration, its powerful antioxidants and Vitamin E help support the formation of new skin, keeping our skin to look youthful.

    OCEAN: High in moisturising and cleaning properties. It helps soften your skin and prevent wrinkles. Its antioxidants help resist free radicals, keeping your skin clean and healthy.

    WOOD: High in Vitamin E that helps retain moisture and purify your skin. Its Vitamin A content also helps reduce inflammation and improve skin tone.

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