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    Totally handmade lovely cotton rope bag.

    ReziHandmade is the heartfelt creation of a new immigrant to Vancouver, seeking to forge her path through the timeless art of handmade craftsmanship. This venture is deeply rooted in a rich legacy inherited from her grandmother and mother, both skilled in carpet knitting and weaving. Growing up surrounded by this artistry, she embraced her own talents in clothes design, tailoring, macramé, and crochet, ultimately finding her true passion in crafting cotton rope bags.

    ReziHandmade’s collection embodies the values of mindful living and sustainability. Each handmade bag is meticulously crafted from premium cotton and hemp rope, reflecting the artisanal expertise and attention to detail passed down through generations. These bags not only exude timeless elegance but also stand as a testament to responsible design.

    ReziHandmade’s cotton rope bags are more than accessories; they are a blend of tradition and innovation. With spacious interiors and versatile designs, these bags are perfect for a variety of occasions, from beach days to city outings. Their practicality and durability ensure they withstand daily use while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

    Driven by a desire to honor her family’s legacy and build a sustainable future, the creator of ReziHandmade has crafted a brand that embodies eco-conscious fashion. Every bag reflects a journey that values heritage, sustainability, and the artistry of handmade craftsmanship.

    Join ReziHandmade in celebrating a beautiful, sustainable future. Discover the enduring elegance and heartfelt story behind each handmade creation, and support a brand that cherishes tradition and embraces innovation.


    handmade cotton rope bags, designed and made by me, a local artis in Vancouver!

    here is my instagram: @Rezihandmade

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